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Rihanna Embarrasses Hater For Dissing Family Member Online, Wrong Or Right?


Rihanna_Disses_Hater_On_Instagram_Compares_Her_To_Goat_PhotoYou may not want to diss a member of Rihanna‘s family. Earlier today, a Rihanna hater dissed one of her family member’s with a disrespectful comment on social media and photo sharing site, Instagram.

Rihanna_Cousin_Noella_Hater_Comment_Instagram_PhotoWhen Rihanna’s cousin Noella posted the above photo of herself and the singer the girl responded with, “I swear everyone in Rihanna’s family looks like they’re retarded….Must be the drugs and alcohol!!!”

Once Rihanna caught wind of the comment she quickly replied back with, “Can you spot the 3 things that are different in these pics? Chile, it’s time to privatize that account!” with the below photo attached.


The young lady did in fact make her account private following the singer’s photo that she shared with nearly 30 million Twitter followers and over 7 million followers on Instagram. Some of Rihanna’s fans, the Navy as she so fondly calls them, also attacked the girl. There were some who thought Rih’s response was uncalled for and childish, however.

In defense of her actions, Rihanna again responded to one fan disappointed in her.Rihanna_Defends_Reason_For_Attacking_Fan_On_InstagramAlthough we here at cottenkandi.com are also Rihanna fans, we too are disappointed she took this route. Fact it, celebrities face worst conflicts and comments made each day. We get her reason for wanting to defend her family but come on Rih Rih, you’re better than that!

In fact, it may give other haters are reason to upset the singer for the sake of getting a reaction. The singer has since deleted the photo.

What are your thoughts, should Rihanna have just left the girl alone?

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  • MrsGrapevine

    Oh RiRi, you didn’t have to do the girl like that, BUT families are off limits!!!

  • monkeysuit

    Too Funny!

  • Annemarie

    Rihanna should not have done this. She should have acted with a little class and grace.

  • NicolaGossips

    I think you need to be responsible for things you say on the internet. I suspect this girl THOUGHT she was being funny, but to say someone looks retarded is beyond rude. Of course Rihanna should have ignored her. The girl was a bully, and she got bullied back. No sympathy.

  • NicolaGossips

    class, grace and rihanna. one of those things is not like the others.

    And I love the girl. And we’re related.

  • TractHer TrailHer (@TrctHerTrailHer)

    I saw that pic and made me love RiRi even more… People need to realize celebrities are human too and if you say something bout them or their family don’t be surprised if they retaliate…

  • kia soto

    i agree with rih i know it sounds childish but u cant start shit unless u can back it up

  • DivaWhispers

    yes you can’t mess with someone family I don’t care who it is. RiRi shut ol’ girl down…remember even Oprah snapped back when she felt she was disrespected…Remember that? And that was from the Queen of Class….

  • Twana Tells

    People gone learn not to phuck with Rih Rih

  • MIA

    ?? do RIHANNA’S MOTHER look like a GORILLA and what do her friend look like because I can see she looks just like a MAN RIGHT. RIHANNA SOLD HER SOUL FOR PIC’S & COINS and noing that her MOTHER sold her BABY GIRL to high ups for MONEY come on what is that. RIHANNA LIES TO HER FANS ABOUT BEING APART OF THE ILLUMINATI TO GET KEEP YALL ON HER SIDE SO SHE LIES FOR THEIR MONEY SHE IS TOLD WHAT TO DO.

  • bet

    Haters are gonna hate. You don’t just instagram them, that it way to childish. I feel like she has gone too far. First a fan not supporting you and Breezy, then Beyonce, Kendall Jenner for just requesting her favourite song, now a hater? Seriously, Rihanna, you are not 3.