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Funny President Obama Speech, Enters With DJ Khaled Song Playing, Mocks Jay Z, First Lady’s Bangs & More



President Barack Obama was in great spirits, Saturday night, at The 2013 White House Correspondence Dinner. The President delivered a very charismatic and jovial speech during the night’s festivities.

Upon arriving at the podium, Mr. Obama entered with DJ Khaled‘s rap single “All I Do Is Win” playing in the background. He then joked, “How do you like my new entrance music? Rush Limbaugh warned you about this, second term, baby! We’re changing things around here a little bit.”

He then joked about Jay-Z ‘s controversial Cuba trip, telling the crowd: “I’ve got 99 problems and Jay-Z is now one.” And then even mocked the fascination with wife First Lady Michelle Obama‘s bangs. Very funny.

Check out the very funny speech in full below.

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  • Gossipwelove

    Bangz is definitely making Obama dance lol

  • @GossipWeLove Haha!!! Too funny. Sure is.