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Spring is Finally Here! New Fashion Trends to Freshen Up Your Look


I know the weather has been giving us all mixed signals. We don’t know whether to put on that maxi dress or keep on the raincoat, but Spring is definitely in the air. Here are a few new looks to help brighten up your wardrobe and keep you comfortable during this beautiful Spring.


This Spring is definitely about color…Neon Colors. Neon clothing is becoming more of a fashion trend, especially as the weather becomes nice. If you are not wanting to be as extreme as the model in the picture, you can still pull it off. Matching a brightly pair of shorts with a white tank will have you looking extremely fashionable and still allow you to be in your comfort zone.

2. maxi_dresses_spring_fashion

Maxi dresses are the essential go to outfit in a girl’s closet during Spring. Not to be confused with Summer Dresses, the Maxi Dress is longer. It can be flowy or tight, depending on how you like to wear the dress. The maxi dress is perfect for those days when there is a beautiful breeze and you plan on being outside for long periods of time.

3. asrm_candy_spring_fashion

And lastly, arm candy. Every outfit has to be paired with accessories and this season, arm candy is definitely it. Throwing together a barrage of different bracelets and watches, no matter the color, will help to give you a finished look. My number one site for arm candy right now is www.brooklynjewelgasm.com. After seeing a few of Love and Hip Hop stars rocking her jewels, I had to purchase my own. This site is good because she actually sells the arm candy as a set as well as separate pieces.

As with all seasons, make sure you have fun when putting your outfits together. Do not focus on being perfect. Find out what works for you and go with it. Step out of your comfort zone and you will definitely enjoy the outcome.

(Photo Credits: fashionisers,stellabfashion, designnotations)

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