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Justin Bieber Busted For Weed, Singer Headed Down Wrong Path?!


Justin_Bieber_Drug_BustIt seems, lately all Justin Bieber has been in the news for is making poor decisions. From getting into fights with photographers, club brawls, and cancelling shows we’re all starting to think that the, one time, boy next door is heading down the wrong path.

Earlier today, Bieber’s tour bus was raided by police in Stockholm and narcotics were found. After leaving his hotel aboard his tour bus to his Globe Arena concert venue, the bus was searched after officials were alerted that it smelled of marijuana upon leaving Grand hotel.

At the time of the search no passengers had been on board, including Bieber, but narcotics were found. It’s believe the drug weed, although not specified.

Find out all the details when you head over to The Great Monkey Suit.

(Photo: Justin Bieber/Instagram)


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