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Lauryn Hill Says She Failed To File Taxes Over Threats To Her Life, Wants Probation!



Lauryn Hill has proven, once again, that she’s perhaps mentally unstable.

Back in August we told you that the singer was facing jail time for tax evasion charges. In fact, Lauryn, who has already plead guilty, is scheduled for sentencing later this month. As a plea for leniency the singer has just filed paperwork shedding light on her reasons for not filing taxes from 2005 to 2007.

The singer reveals she felt her life and her family’s life was in danger and she “withdrew from society”.

Although Hill earned approximately $1.8 million she failed to file under duress and the belief there were “very real threats to herself and her family.”

Although the documents does not specify what threats the singer feels she and her family faced, Ms. Hill is asking the courts to consider these factors. She also notes she’ll be better able to pay off her debts if she isn’t ordered to serve time behind bars. She, instead, asks she gets probation for the charge.

Lauryn is set to appear in a New Jersey court room on April 22.

In our opinion, although Hill’s filing is unusual, she won’t serve any jail time. Not for the reasons mentioned but because Hill is a mother of seven. No judge finds it easy to put a mother behind bars with young children to tend to.

It’s likely she’ll be order to pay back her debts and given probation like she asks.

On another note, we hope, she does get ordered for a mental evaluation.

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