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Why Every Woman Should Know How to Pleasure Herself



When it comes to sex a lot of us don’t like to talk about it. We just do it, enjoy
it and keep it to ourselves and our partners. While we don’t need to discuss it with
our friends and family, it is important to at least discuss it with yourself and
take the time to truly learn about it and well, yourself. We commonly think of healthy sex as
consensual, enjoyable and safe sex with someone we care about, but it’s also about
knowing yourself and having a healthy sex life with yourself.

You can do both of these things by engaging in a little self love, which if you’re
new to, can seem a little intimidating and dare I say, gross. But it’s not! It’s
100% natural, normal and can be incredibly eye opening and satisfying. Still not
sold? Don’t worry there are plenty of benefits.

Engaging in a little masturbatory fun can help you combat insomnia naturally. When
you climax, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins, two chemicals that make you
feel warm, happy and sleepy.

Masturbation also helps fight urinary tract and cervical infections. If you’ve ever had an issue down there, you know how awful it is, so why not enjoy yourself and
work at kicking those uncomfortable infections to the curb? This works because
masturbation can help flush the cervix of old bacteria.

Do you have painful period cramps? If so, you can help yourself out by indulging in
a little self love. Masturbation and orgasm can relieve pain throughout the body,
especially in the pelvic region.

Masturbation is also a safe alternative to sex. You can’t get pregnant from having
sex with yourself, nor can you contract a STD.

Finally and most importantly (to me at least), masturbation can help you learn about
yourself and what you like, which will in turn, make you more confident in bed with
others. Knowing what you like and what gets you there is a huge turn on for yourself
and your partner. Don’t stumble into sex expecting your partner to know how to get
you there or to blindly figure it out. Instead, you can show them and ensure that
you always get there and enjoy yourself.

Now that you know why you should do it, how do you go about it?

The easiest way to get involved with yourself is your hand because you’ll be able to
feel everything and know exactly how certain touch feels. This will also get you the
most comfortable with “touching yourself.”

However, you can intensify things by purchasing a toy to help you out. Sex store
like Adam &
sell lots of options, but if you’re just starting out, I recommend:


You can get these in two different forms–a bullet or a full on clitoral and vaginal
vibrator. Both are great options and are merely up to personal preference. However,
the full version will give you the most variety and options.


This is a great option if you’re looking for penetrative fun. While most women
masturbate by stimulating
their clitoris
, there’s no reason you can’t get off vaginally, too. I personally
recommend getting a glass dildo because they are non-porous, feel great and are easy

If you want to get something for your man be on the lookout for a fleshlight or
masturbatory sleeve.

In all cases, you will be best served if you pair your toys or hand with lube.
Lubrication with make entry easier and help you really get into the action.

Try diving in with a partner if you’re still unsure after all of this and are
uncomfortable with touching yourself. Have them touch you and then emulate it. You
might feel less awkward if someone else is there. Just remember to relax and have

(Photo: istockphoto.com)


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