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MTV Cancels “Buckwild” Following Shain Gandee’s Untimely Death



Following the tragic death of MTV ‘Buckwild’ reality star Shain Gandee, eight days ago, the network has decided to cancel the show.

As reported, after going missing for nearly 48 hours, Gandee, his uncle and a friend were found dead in his truck on the side of the road in his West Virginia home town. Although it was not initially reported, it was later discovered that Shain and his party died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

An MTV rep tells TMZ, “Given Shain’s tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him…instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately.”

The network also plans to dedicate this weekend with reruns of the show. “We will have a day of programming dedicated to Shain in which we will air the entire first season of ‘Buckwild’,“ the rep added.

The network has also stopped production for the show while filming for its second season. ‘Buckwild’ follows the lives of young adults in rural West Virginia.


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  • NicolaGossips

    Have they ever explained the deaths further? Sitting in a running car outside doesn’t normally ending in death.