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Ray J Denies “I Hit It First” Is A Diss Track For Kim Kardashian



Ray J is trying to do some damage control and convince us all that his recent single, “I Hit It First”, was not directed to ex Kim Kardashian and baby daddy to be Kanye West. Although the single cover is a blared out photo of Kim K on a beach wearing a bikini and very similar to that of one of Kanye’s previous single covers, he’d like to take it back. Only, it may already be too late.

See: Ray J Diss Ex Kim Kardashian On “I Hit It First” New Single

After getting flack for the record he recently interviewed with New York radio station Hot 97 to clear the air.

During his call in to the radio station Ray J says, “It’s not about that, it’s about a concept. People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love….It’s not like that. Like its a song, we just having fun-that’s it. Bring it back to the song.”

Check out the full interview below


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  • Coshamo

    Ray J is a hater to the max. Nothing worse than a jealous a** hatin’ envious no hit record having known as a brother of somebody else. He ain’t even got a name for himself other than he slept with somebody and he’s a the brother of somebody else. And the fact that he’s be implemented in the underground as the person who brought the drug killing overdose to Whitney Houston’s hotel room. He was the last one to be seen leaving with a few hours of her death. Ray J. you are garbage. Trash to the max. You have no class and no style. Who would come out talking about how they “Hit it first” to some relationship “10 years ago?” She’s happily in love with somebody else and you are trying to spoil their happiness. Ray J. gets the Hater of the year award for 2013. Ray J’s picture should be right next to the definition of “Jealousy” in Webster’s dictionary!

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