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“Love And Hip Hop: New York” Reunion Show Part 1 [Video]


Love _And_Hip_Hop_Reunion_Season_3

The season 3 reunion show for VH1’s “Love And Hip Hop” was dramatic as expected. Did we expect any different? Winter and L’oreal address why their friendship fell apart and the controversy over Winter’s book, Rashida and Raqi hashed out just why they don’t like each other, ( kinda) while Rashida also accuses Yandy’s fiancé, Mendeecees, of having a very small penis. Tahiry discusses distancing herself from Raqi and ending their friendship over meaningless drama and her closeness to Joe Budden. Things got a bit tense once Rich, his mom, Olivia and Erica took the stage over Rich and Erica’s roller-coaster relationship. Erica was defensive, as expected, but did admit to falling in love with Rich and getting a tattoo in honor of him – proven by a lie detector test. However, she also admitted to cheating with multiple people while Rich looked on like a wounded dog. Rich also confessed his love for Erica but also had to admit he looked like a fool although his friends and family tried to warn him about her.

Things took an emotional turn when Joe’s girlfriend, Kaylin, took the stage in tears over her relationship with Joe and seeing him still be in love with Tahiry. Although Joe reveals he and Kaylin broke up, he admits, they’ve been intimate since trying to resume a relationship with Tahiry. Unfortunately for Tahiry, Joe also says he’s no longer in love with her, proven by the results of a lie detector test and, as expected, she was not too pleased to say the least. Check out the entire part 1 reunion show below.


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