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Kordell & Porsha Stewart Divorce Gets Nasty, Accusations Of Child Neglect & Cheating



Things are starting to get nasty between soon to be exes Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart.

As we reported last month, Kordell filed for divorce from his “Real Housewives of Atlanta” wife citing that the marriage was irrevocably broken. Blindsided by the filing, Mrs. Stewart filed her own papers just days later. In her filing she also requested she receive alimony and remain in their Atlanta home.

According to TMZ, Porsha is now accusing her estranged husband of locking her out of their home and even brought another woman home.

Kordell is also firing back accusing Porsha of neglecting his young son while going out to party frequently and has locked her out for security purposes. He alleges she “sometimes comes back between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling like alcohol.”

As for the “other” woman, Kordell insist it’s a nanny he had to hire because Porsha has been “neglecting her responsibilities” to her stepson.

Kordell is also requesting the court not uphold Porsha’s demand for alimony because she is now able to support herself financially from her reality show gig.

Now here’s what we think.

Although we agree with Kordell that Porsha is now able to financially support herself, why would he hold her responsible to take care of a son that is not hers? After all, he filed for divorce first and he should have hired a nanny. And why are they still sharing a residence?

We’re sure they’re both able to afford temporary residences or stay with family.

We’re betting things will continue to get ugly between these two. We’ll keep you posted.

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