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Wiz & Amber Share Photos Of 6 Weeks Old Baby Sebastian!


Amber+Rose+Wiz+KhalifaBaby Sebastian is only 6 weeks old but he’s the fliest baby in town. His proud parents, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, can’t help but to share some very precious moments of “The Bash” with their fans.

  Rose shared this photo of dad and baby adding, “Daddy Love #Bash #Sebastian #Wiz #Love #Father #Son :-)”Wiz_Khalifa_Kissing_Baby_Sebastian_Photo

Wiz shared the same photo with the caption, “Lil Bash & Big Bash”.

So cute!

Wiz also followed up with this photo of The Bash wearing a pair of Jordans adding, “My son roccin his cool greys the homies FM sent. Awesome!!! “Amber_Wiz_Baby_Sebastian_Jordans_PhotoThe Bash may already have his mom’s fashion sense we see.

And earlier in the week Rose shared this photo of baby “Bash” chucking up his deuces!

“Deuces #Bash #Sebastian :-)”
Amber_Wiz_Baby_Sebastian_The_BashLol! How adorable!

We can’t wait to finally get a full photo of baby Sebastian!

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