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NeNe Leakes Blogs About Kenya & Porsha Beef During Season 5 Finale



NeNe Leakes took the time out of her very busy schedule, between three shows, to express her thoughts on Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart season finale fall out. Kenya’s invited her co-stars to a costume ball dedicated to famous roles played by legendary African American actresses in Hollywood.

Like us, you must have thought it was pure blasphemy when Kenya asked Porsha to come dressed as Halle Berry in “BAPS”. Like, she can’t be serious, right? And although Porsha agreed a confrontation between the two ladies erupted when Porsha came dressed as Dorothy Dandridge instead, another role Halle played. The entire cast became highly upset and even stormed out the event. Surprisingly it was NeNe Leakes, queen of cussing people out, who saved the day. Now here’s what NeNe had to say about the entire ordeal.

NeNe begins with, “What a season it was! We welcomed two new ladies and one original cast member exited to the left in the middle of the season, LOL! I’m the last original standing, and I can’t say that I’m surprised. I might not be the best in the game, but my work ethic can beat most!”

“As far as Kenya throwing Porshaout of the party, one word — ridiculous!,” she continued. “It felt like I was watching Season 1 of our show when Sheree wouldn’t let me in her party! Kenya, did you watch all of our previous seasons?”

Let’s talk about Kenya’s Hollywood Party. So Miss Kenya asked all of the ladies to come as iconic Hollywood actors. It was strange to me in the beginning to be told what character I needed to come as, and just like Porsha, I had a feeling that she was throwing shade when she chose the characters. I consider myself to be a pretty smart girl, so I said to myself, Grace Jones is fierce and fabulous! If there is any shade being thrown by giving me this character, I’m going to flip this and completely transform into Grace Jones! I researched her and became her that night, which is what a real actress would do.

I’ve been in lots of situations over the years, and I must say, I’ve learned from each and every one. So during Kenya’s moment of flipping out, I wanted to drop some knowledge on her about her behavior that night, because I know she values my opinion, and the party ended peacefully.

Thanks for tuning into Season 5 and don’t forget to watch our three part reunion show!

NeNe then goes on to say her engagement ring from Gregg is beautiful and that the wedding will be soon and she’ll be keeping her fans updated.

Now here’s our take on the whole ordeal. Kenya overreacted by throwing Porsha out because, honestly, it wasn’t that serious. Secondly, Porsha should have just stayed home if she felt she was being mocked and ridiculed by Kenya and not show up to her event wearing an entirely different outfit that she agreed to.

As for NeNe, we’ve said it before and will say it again, NeNe Leakes is a hypocrite. A hypocrite who rode the reality train to the bank but a hypocrite nonetheless.

We’re guessing NeNe forgot that the week prior she threw the ladies out a dinner party she hosted at her home because they were too late, after traveling from Atlanta to LA to visit her.

NeNe Leakes has somewhat allowed the Hollywood lifestyle to get to her head because she’s gotten really good at tooting her own horn.

However, she’s right about something. She has gotten into a lot of situations over the years but she’s also good at not fessing up to her own mess and not apologizing. So, dear we say, when the hell did NeNe Leakes get so righteous?

Underneath it all she’s ratchet. Only richer.

Til next year ladies, it was quite an entertaining season to say the least!

(Photo: NeNe Leakes/Twitter)

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