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Justin Bieber Living That Thug Life: Did He Really Spit In Neighbor’s Face?


Justin_Bieber_In_TroubleWhat’s really going on with Justin Bieber? The past month, the singer has gotten into fights with photographers, had a club brawl [on his birthday no less], got sick and had to cancel a few shows and even got booed during one of his concerts. It’s been down hill since his break up with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez earlier in the year.

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Now, Bieber may be in a bit more trouble. He reportedly spit in a neighbor’s face during a very heated spat. Bieber even threatened to kill, the same neighbor in question, when he advised Bieber to stop driving recklessly.

As reported by TMZ, “The man — a 47-year-old successful businessman and father of 3 — went onto Justin’s Calabasas property and screamed, “You can’t drive like this!” The man told deputies, Justin responded by saying , “Get the f**k out of here,” and then he spit in the guy’s face and said, “I’m gonna f**king kill you.”

For the full story on Bieber gone gangsta, head over to Twana Tells.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)

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