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Brandy Is Not A Fan Of Beyonce’s New Song “Bow Down”



Brandy has joined the Keyshia Cole collision of not liking Beyonce’s new single “Bow Down”. During a recent interview, the singer and actress was asked about what she thought of the single and all the backlash.

While promoting her movie role in Tyler Perry’s new film, ‘Temptation’, and her reoccurring role on television hit series, “The Game”, Brandy let it slip that although she doesn’t care for the song she is a Beyonce fan.

She also went on to defend the artistic freedom of an artist despite what critics may think. Listen to more of what Brandy had to say.

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Well, at least, she kept it real. What are your thoughts, should Brandy have commented or kept her mouth shut?

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  • Quick (@quickcatchup)

    I’ll be happy when B’s official single drops so that people can get over this.

  • monkeysuit

    Who cares what Brandy thinks? And doesn’t she know 2013 belongs to Beyonce.

  • Yes!!! Can’t wait either. They’ve really gone and above and beyond with this single and the backlash.

  • Gossipwelove

    Why is everyone tripping over this single…get over it already!

  • MrsGrapevine

    Why are people tripping over the words? Cause it was written for controversy. It’s not the people’s fault that Beyonce created a song with intentionally controversial lyrics. It’s what she set out to do.

    I wish people could be more independent about their thinking, just cause it’s Bey doesn’t mean it’s great. I agree with Brandy, and she said it an very eloquent way.

    I don’t know why people can’t understand that not everyone is going to love this snippet. I can’t wait to hear the whole song, to see if it actually has some depth, or is it just a one trick pony for those who love shock for shocking’s sake.

  • Twana Tells

    Brandy don’t want it with the Beyhives, she better relax before they come after that azz…Yall know those Beyhives don’t play…

  • Sarah

    I don’t like the song and Brandy has the right to say that she doesn’t like it either.

  • Kia Soto

    does she care really

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  • @Kia Nope she doesn’t care one bit.

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