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Did Regina King Confirm Breakup With Malcolm-Jamal Warner?



We reported last week that not only did Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner end their two year relationship, he also gave her the boot from the home they shared.

The couple are now addressing those rumors. Well, not exactly.

Upon news they had broken against Regina’s wishes King tweeted, “Hey everybody PLEASE don’t believe everything you read. Me & @MalcolmJamalWar are good. Life happens. Forward motion. Godspeed”

Immediately fans wondered exactly what her tweet indicated. Was this a confirmation of their breakup? Was it dismissing reports he kicked her out of their home?

We take it as a, yes, the relationship is over. However, the two have split amicably.

Malcolm reiterated King’s statement with his own tweet to a fan. When one of his followers questioned, “@malcolmjamalwar damn dude, u couldn’t move out and let @reginaking stay at the house? That’s gross. Definitely not supporting ur show. Smh”

He responded with, “@DecodnLyfe Come on bruh you’re old enough to know not to believe everything you read.”.

And, well, there you have. Perhaps the closest thing we’ll get to an actual confirmation. We wish both Regina and Malcolm well.

Too bad. They did make a cute couple.


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  • Kia

    I honestly didnt know they were dating until last week- sad they couldnt find balance and make it work

  • linda

    that fuck up mens are dogs

  • linda

    that fuck up mens are dogs and you put her and her son out of your house what goes around comes arounds dog