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Ray J Gets Into Club Brawl With Rapper “Bad Azz” After Calling Woman A “Fat Bitch”



Ray J is still trying to convince all of us he’s about that “thug life”. During a Friday night celebration in Los Angeles, Ray got into a verbal altercation with a woman after calling her a “fat bitch” then later a physical fight with West Coast rapper Bad Azz.

The brawl occurred at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles following a Mack 10 and Jamie Adler concert.

During a phone interview with TMZ,  Ray explains that he did not know the woman nor does he remember calling her a fat bitch.

The woman can be heard screaming, “You said f**k me fat bitch….I’m the bitch they went to go get to whup bitches asses,” and “I ain’t no fake-ass n****r from Carson (Ray J’s hometown).” Ray insists everyone had been drinking and not sure why the altercation occurred.

However, in his second altercation of the night with rapper Bad Azz, which turned physical, he says he was simply defending himself. He says, “I don’t want this to get any crazier.”

During the same TMZ phone interview Ray says he “still has no idea why Bad Azz attacked him last night”.

He tells TMZ Live, he thought the two settled their beef a LONG time ago … but from here on out he just wants peace.

As we first reported, Bad Azz said he used to be friends with Ray … but that ended in a blood feud after Ray J told Suge Knight that BA had been trash-talking him, and Suge’s people jumped him.

BA didn’t say why he felt compelled to attack Ray … and Ray doesn’t know either, saying the fight completely blindsided him.


Watch the altercation caught on camera as well as Ray’s interview below.

Ray and an unidentified woman get into verbal altercation

Ray J explains beef with “Bad Azz”

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  • Divawhispers

    ray is a sweetheart but trouble seems to find him

  • Twana Tells

    Ray J is not about that life he better chill out before he get hurt lol

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  • I can’t with this dude!

  • Yazmar

    That woman look like she ain’t even having it