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Miley Cyrus Is Proud Of Her Twerking Skills, Celebrities Respond!



Miley Cyrus is proud to have declared herself leader of the MC Twerk Team. She proved she’s got moves and knows just how to shake that derriere.

If you’ve already forgotten, remember that Miley Cyrus twerk video while wearing a unicorn onesie? Well, it not only went viral it got lots of great feedback and Miley felt the love. The video has since garnered more than 6 million views.

During her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest Miley says, “I haven’ really seen one bad comment about my twerk video.”

Miley also reveals she’s practicing her twerking moves for the past two years after going to a twerk show in New Orleans.

Here are some celebrity responses on Miley’s twerking skills.

Amber Rose tweeted, “Yo My girl @MileyCyrus Killed that Twerk video! Next Time Imma make it rain on her ( Grabs a stack of 1$) Lol U betta werk bitch ;-)”.

Will.I.Am stated, “check out my homegirl @MileyCyrus #twerk http://m.facebook.com… #TWERKit girl #WORKit girl…don’t #HURTit girl”.

LeBron James wrote, “She gettin it!! That track real catchy too #MileyCyrus #WOP”.

Listen to their full interview below.


Spotted: Poponthepop


About Author

  • She worked it out lol

  • Annemarie

    Yikes, conceited much!

  • Yazmar

    I am perplexed as to why flat ass Miley is making such a buzz with this video….smfh not the least bit impressed or moved

  • Kia Soto

    i thought she did good but she does have a flat ass but she did do good

  • TractHer TrailHer (@TrctHerTrailHer)

    She did good considering, but I don’t think starting her own twerk team is gone be a good idea..

  • Sarah

    I can’t hate. Miley did a good job and I hope she makes more twerkin’ videos. It’s hilarious to me how hood she has become over the past few years!!!! :0

  • monkeysuit

    She did her thang!

  • Divawhispers

    she did that