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Kevin Hart Keeps Millions In Divorce Settlement With Ex-Wife



Kevin Hart may act like a fool but he’s no fool. Thankfully for a well secured pre-nup, his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, will only walk away with $175,000 in their divorce settlement!

The couple, seen above in happier times, didn’t go through the easiest divorce but were able to come to an agreement, perhaps for the sake of their two children.

Although Hart is worth an estimated $9 million, he was left with his millions unscathed by his divorce back in November 2011. The couple have just now settled on a financial agreement.

However, Torrei will also walk away with a few luxury items, including an Escalade and personal jewelry. Hart will also have to pay her $19,785 a month in support of their two kids, a boy and a girl.

Torrei also has a budding career as a comedian herself. She’s become known for spoofing the cast of “Basketball Wives LA” in a string of YouTube videos.

Kevin, was represented by attorney Debra Opri, the same attorney his ex tried to attack back in 2012 during a disagreement.

Glad to see they were all able to agree, finally.



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  • Xavi

    My heart has always gone out to Torrei because she was good enough to ride with Kevin before he blew up, but once he got on….

    $20,000/mo in child support!?!? Sweet baby Jesus!

  • monkeysuit

    Good he earned it did he? I hate these career ex wives!

  • DivaWhispers

    yep…im mad at him for that one! She didn;t live up to Hollywoods standard of what a wife is so he dumps her and gets a model she deserve a bit more than that but at least that 20g’s should help lol

  • NicolaGossips

    Sounds like she had a horrible lawyer when writing the pre-nuptial agreement. I don’t support gold digging, but if she was a stay at home mom she should have walked away with enough to buy a small house in whatever city they were living in.

  • MrsGrapevine

    As long as the kids are taken care of, and she has enough to stay on her feet, then I think it’s a good deal. Who can’t live comfortable with their kids with a budget of $20,000 a month. She was good enough to be by his side, but people have a change of heart. In the real world people break up and no one gets paid. I feel for her heart, but $20,000 a month will still allow her to be a full time mom.

    She should have gotten house, though.

  • Sarah

    That child support money is sweet. Spend it wisely!

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