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Dawn Richard Responds To Criticism She’s Lightening Her Skin


Dawn_Richard_Light_Dark_Skin_CriticismFormer ‘Danity Kane’ and ‘Dirty Money’ artist Dawn Richard has been busy pursuing her solo career, but lately she’s been looking a bit different.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but I thought she may have gotten a nose job, or lightened her skin but then rescinded to thinking, ‘maybe it’s just the makeup’, and left it alone. After all, Dawn has spoken out publicly about the hardships of being a ‘brown girl’ in an industry where being of fairer skin, long hair and a bodacious body will get you far.

Well, some fans and foes weren’t going to leave it alone. They’ve, pretty much, called Dawn out on bleaching her skin and trying to look lighter to enhance her music career.

Here are some more recent photos of the singer. Dawn_Richard_Light_New_FaceDawn_Richard_Lightskin Dawn_Richard_New_FaceIt didn’t take long for Dawn to catch on that she’s being criticize and accused of lightening her skin. Tuesday night she tweeted the message, “Behahahahaha.. Filter is the new bleach. I mean it’s cheaper tho I guess … Photoshop does wonders and seems to start sh*t too…Guess I need to bleach my music too..”.

And here are some more recent photos Dawn posted of herself and some fans.



We think it may be a combination of a few things. Dawn seemed to have loss some weight, her makeup team are trying to revamp her look and, perhaps, she’s correct and Photoshop has made her appearance look drastic.

Do you believe Dawn or is she enhancing her look?

(Photos: Dawn Richard/Instagram)


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  • DivaWhispers

    mannnnn…she looks totally different. So where can I get this cream???? LOL…just kidding..i’m in love with MY brown skin

  • Sarah

    Tough call. I just can’t tell.