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Reality TV Star Evelyn Lozada Shares Her Abs Workout Secrets!



Evelyn Lozada is in really great shape. Just look at her abs! In fact, just look at her body. The feisty reality show vixen recently dished on just how she’s able to stay in such great shape. She also shares these tips as well as others as a fitness blogger for Latina magazine. On getting great abs and working out, here’s what she had to say,

Do At Least 15 Minutes Of Cardio
It honestly takes more than 15 minutes for your body to begin metabolizing fat. So, I normally do 45 minutes.

Don’t Use A Scale
If you are trying to lose weight, find that pair of jeans that you want to eventually fit into…then try them on each week. This is the best indicator to knowing if you are losing weight or inches from working out.

Pay Attention To What Your Body’s Telling You
I’m not a label reader, however, I don’t eat everything. I actually don’t eat sweets nor do I eat meat, except for fish. When I want to fuel my body prior to a workout, I do not drink sports drinks or coconut water do to the calorie intake. I usually drink youthH2O, which is fueled with super foods that are better for your body.

For more on Evelyn’s workout and how she stays in shape head over to TractHerTrailHer.com.

(Photo: Eveyn Lozada/Instagram)


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