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After Stirring Beyonce Controversy, Keyshia Cole Performs “Trust And Believe” On Jimmy Kimmel


Keyshia_Cole_Trust_And_Believe_Jimmy_Kimmel_Performance_CottenKandiKeyshia Cole got the attention she wanted, following a Twitter rant, then headed over to ‘Live With Jimmy Kimmel’ to perform single “Trust And Believe”.

Cole’s latest Twitter rant is the third in a string of outcries since late last year. First, it was the rant about her estranged sister Neffeteria Pugh, then her diss to Michelle Williams of ‘Destiny’s Child’ and now the criticism of single “Bow Down” by Beyonce.

As a Keyshia Cole fan, I must admit, she seems distracted and way too focused on negative energy than of her career. Since getting married and having a child, it seems, Keyshia’s focus on her music has shifted and so has her attitude. Although she’s been known for her feistiness for years, perhaps, her family drama is affecting her career choices.

However, we wish her well.

Of Keyshia’s performance, some fans and foes felt the singer failed to deliver after her public backlash and criticism of Knowles. Check out Cole’s performance below.

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  • Xavi

    While I agree with what Keyshia Cole said about Beyonce’s new single, “Bow Down”….you can’t talk shizznit and then get on live television and sing off key the entire song. When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • Twana Tells

    I like Keyshia with long hair despite the drama she did a good performance and I loved her hair..

  • NicolaGossips

    I’m so naïve. All of this was a marketing ploy for her new music. I just thought she was miserable.

  • Yazmar

    Keyshia brought out the big blonde wig for the Jimmy gig…

  • Dogukan

    keyshia got pregnant with in one month knonwig him ladies lets keep it real they really dont know each other if i was his mother i will upset with him. he is young she was out to get pregnant also getting married becuse you are pregnant doesnt work anymore what happen to the using protection method.and then on top of that gibson why would you want to be in such DRAMA like that.