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Is Kris Jenner Hiding A Sex Tape?



They say like mother like daughter, right? Kim Kardashian‘s mother may have paved the way for the sex tape that made her famous. The irony here is that while Kim’s tape essentially made the entire family famous, Kris Jenner is reportedly shielding her derriere from being seen on a sex tape she recorded years ago.

Surely, we can all understand this, right? Kris is a 57 year old woman. Although, we admit, she looks fabulous, who would really want to see a grandmother getting freaky?

According to reports, Jenner filmed the tape with late husband, Robert Kardashian, back in the 80’s because she thought it would spark their sex life. Now, she’s afraid the tape may see the light of day.

But in true Kris Jenner fashion, we’re wondering if she’ll be able to spin this into a money making marketing genius. After all, she sure found a way to make her recent book a success by revealing she also cheated on her later husband, didn’t she.

Find out more when you head over to Twana Tells.

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)


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