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Is Michael Vick Receiving Death Threaths?



Michael Vick still has some harsh enemies out there. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback can’t seem to shake his dog fighting pass. The same criminal activity he was charged with and served jail time for.

Vick, who recently cancelled a book tour over these threats, was getting harassed and threatened at several Barnes & Nobles he was to attend. But according to Vick he won’t be hiding. Find out more about Vick’s recent death threats when you head over to The Great Monkey Suit.

(Photo: Chris Trotman/Getty Images)


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  • NicolaGossips

    I’m all for holding a grudge, but people need to stop with this. He did his time, he still came back. Let it go. Chris Brown on the other hand. . .

  • Gossipwelove

    People these days will do anything to get a person down. He’ll get through it.