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Lil’ Kim Goes On Twitter Rant Against Wendy Williams Over Plastic Surgery Comments (Video)


Celebrity Feud_Lil_Kim_vs_Wendy_Williams

Recently Lil Kim got some backlash on recent photos of what seemed to be of a more altered facial features. Although Kim’s dispute the claims and says the photos were altered and the media is picking on her Wendy Williams couldn’t help but give her own input on the matter. During an episode of her show where she shares her hot topics with her audience Wendy says “it [her face] looks so tight now it looks like it’ll just pop you.” Here’s more of what Wendy had to say and Lil’ Kim’s Twitter rant. Kim makes some shocking allegations.

Wendy’s comments about Kim begin around the 3:51 mark.

Lil’ Kim, after hearing about Wendy’s comments, took to Twitter to address Williams. Here’s what she had to say…


Wow, ouch!

Here’s the photo Kim attached to her first tweet to address Williams about the photo being Photoshopped and altered.

Lil_Kim_Plastic_Surgery_Face_PhotoLil Kim will not be made fun of.

Here’s out take on the matter. We all know Wendy Williams isn’t exactly a beauty queen either but after viewing the video Wendy didn’t entirely diss Kim. Yes, she did poke fun a bit but it seemed she was initially defending her. Perhaps Kim got word Wendy made a few jabs then took to Twitter to vent about it. Sad that Kim’s become more known for her beefs than any actual music.

Put this beef to rest guys so not worth it.

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