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Brokenhearted Ashanti Sends Message To Nelly Following Breakup



By now you’ve all probably heard that Ashanti and Nelly have broken up and no longer dating. In fact, the rapper is said to now be dating actress Tae Heckard. Although she’s kept quiet about her recent breakup Ashanti is now speaking out via social media on how she feels.

The singer and actress tweeted this below photo with the caption, “Sometimes to a fault… #LoyalLibra”

Ashanti_Says_She_Is_LoyalClearly, Ashanti has a lot on her mind.

And, just today she posted another photo expressing her sentiments.


Nelly and Ashanti dated for approximately 10 years before calling it quits late last year. Throughout the course of their relationship they have kept this private so it was bit of a surprise when the rapper had been spotted with his rumored new girlfriend. Certainly, no one could have seen this coming. It was just last October that they were spotted together celebrating the singer’s 32nd birthday.

Nelly and new girlfriend Tae Heckard are said to have been friends for years. Tae was also featured in Nelly’s 2002 music video for “Hot In Herre”.

We hope Ashanti find her Mr. Right some day soon.


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  • monkeysuit

    Why? Just let it go girl.

  • maurice

    umm she only saying this now?? after like that?? 3 months apart? smh

  • Yazmar

    Ashanti might as well go on, because Nelly ain’t shit! He replaced her quick…makes you wonder if he ever loved A…smh

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  • mary

    you got to be kidding.I was so jealous over ashanti and Nellie,i love Nellie but now he has lost his mind and inner heart.. wake up NELLIE tae is not the one for you unless you want no respect or friends..She is far from you way beyond you Nellie wake up.. I cant see anyone for Nellie ashanti don’t go back to Nellie he has had that tae and you can now do better …The attitudes changed and his heart it can never be like it was now..I know because i been through it ITs sad but its a blessing to have it out than behind a hotel door somewhere..Keep on looking girl..Try away from rappers ..they seem to want nothing but more women and notches in the bedpost..Not worth it..good luck Mary