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Nicki Minaj Looks Better Than Ever In New Photoshoot



We’ve learned recently that Nicki Minaj allegedly fired her entire style team so she could get a more classy look. Well, whatever she did it’s working.

Onika looks beautiful and elegant in some new photo spreads she took while on a trip in Vegas. And, she enlisted to help of Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and high-red Louboutin pumps.




Head over to GossipWeLove.com for more on Onika’s photo spread and Vegas trip.

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  • Twana Tells

    I love this look hopefully she keeps it up

  • maurice

    wow – she looks gorgeous. thanks god she’s lost the fugly outfits

  • NicolaGossips

    Can we discuss how much Nicki is bleaching her skin? Nicki was a brown skinned girl when she started. Now she’s the same colour as Rihanna? I hope she turns purple, like that Nigerian woman at my hair supply store. It would serve her right.

  • DivaWhispers

    She looks great..the best ive seen yet. Yes she is bleaching the mess out of her skin…Love your brownness…

  • Annemarie

    She looks better, but come on she looks like a Barbie Doll wanna be. That lipstick if far to pink, she would also look better if she toned down the platinum hair.

  • Roberta

    She cleans up really nicely…

  • monkeysuit

    I dont know if she had plastic surgery but whatever she did is working!

  • yazmar

    People are tired of Nicki, so no matter what she does as far as stylist changes SHE IS OVER!

  • lilly

    yeah she looks cute, but i would too if i had as much work done as her. and is it just me or done she look more and more like a white girl EVERY DAY. she was brown as HELL before she dropped pink friday. she WANNA be a white girl….barbie, for REAL. smh. its a shame she cant be comfortable in her OWN damn skin. smh. NOT a good role model.

  • lilly

    oh and the ONLY reason she FINALLY realizes how dumb she always looked, is cuz she tryna compete with how CLASSy mariah carey looks. mariah ALWAYS was classy and superfine and now all of a sudden she wanna get a “classier” look? PLEASE.

  • Sarah

    Love Nicki’s new look!!!!

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