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MTV Lists the Top 10 “Hottest MCs” of 2013


Kendrick-LamarOn Thursday night, MTV aired their special and announced their 2013 choices for the top 10 hottest MCs in the hip hop game. Coming in at number 1 is Kendrick Lamar. With an amazing debut CD, “good kid, M.A.A.D. city,” this stop was well earned by Lamar, who also had two previous underground mixtapes. With a toss up between Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, 2 Chainz is the victor for the number two spot. The rest of the list goes as followed:

3. Rick Ross

4. Nas

5. Drake

6. Big Sean

7. Kanye West

8. A$AP Rocky

9. Future

10. Meek Mill

I don’t agree with all the names but at the same time, hip hop is really taking a turn for the worst in my opinion. What used to make an excellent rapper does not entail the same things anymore now. Kendrick Lamar is the top choice because he still has the qualities of a great emcee that we grew up on. He is no “one hit wonder” or a “gimmick”. As far as the other name, in all fairness the list was composed off of last year’s record sales, star quality, lyrics, style, etc. This is probably why you don’t see as many of the big names like Jay Z or Lil Wayne on the list since they had a quiet year. Do you agree with this list? Who should be on here and who shouldn’t?

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  • Annemarie

    Great list, thanks so much for that!