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Deelishis Talks Abusive Relationship With Ex-Husband Orlando Gordon


Deelishis_Husband_Orlando_Assault_Rumors (Deelishis & Ex-Husband Orlando Gordon)

Lots of rumors have been surrounding former ‘Flavor of Love’ reality star, London “Deelishis” Charles and ex-husband Orlando Gordon in the last few weeks. In fact, it was just this past week that news broke, Deelishis jumped out of her two story apartment complex in Detroit after Gordon kicked down her door to allow himself in. He’s reported he also attacked her house guest and comedian Michael Blackson.

We’ve also heard rumors of Deelishis and Gordon getting involved in a heated argument which caused her to jump out of a moving vehicle. Crazy, we know.

In a recent interview with Detroit’s Hot 107.5 radio station the reality star admitted there was an altercation between herself and Gordon but insists she is not a victim of domestic violence.

Here is some of what she had to say during that interview.

Her thoughts on domestic violence:
Everybody has their own domestic situation whether it’s a argument or it gets physical but it’s unfornate when you’re a celebrity your stuff have to be aired everywhere.

On if she’s a victim of domestic violence with the situation involving her ex husband & comedian Michael Blackson:


Her thoughts on comedian Michael Backson making fun of the altercation on twitter:

For him (Michael Blackson) it has to be something he makes light of. But if he was harmed he wouldn’t have made light of the situation he would be somewhere pressing charges. It’s funny for him but it’s not really funny for me. I understand the joke and I’m not upset with him because that’s what he does he’s a comedian and I understand. I’m actually grateful to him because I hate that he was around me when I had an argument and a situation going on. And to not press charges I think big of him

On what she meant by posting that she was a survivor on twitter recently:

I have undergone a lot of success but I feel like you hear more negative than you do positive. And I stand strong on who I am and what I’m doing and what I’m going to do. I survived a not so great marriage, I survived ridicule, I’ve been called everything from a stripper to a hoe. I’ve gone through a lot different situations and I survived a lot of different circumstances so being ridicule for something that happened to me, I’m not a domestic violence victim but I was victimized in this circumstance and for me to be the person that has to bear the weight of all of it I’m a survivor.

On what really happened

I’m not going to get into the details but this happened to me. I did fall and I did have on my cute shoes (and people was like that was lie) no it wasn’t I just didn’t tell you how it went down. But I fell in my shoes and that’s how I sustained my injuries, I just didn’t tell you what happened around it. My leg was never broken, there was an accident and I never said car accident (people assumed car accident).

Her feelings on the situation:
I didn’t have to tell everything but somethings even as an entertainer ain’t yo business. That don’t make me messed up, it don’t make me a liar that just make it, I ain’t aint telling you everything because that ain’t for you. So whatever it is that me and my ex husband are dealing with thats between my Ex husband and I. So when I decided not to give you something chill out. Don’t accuse me of lying, I’m not a liar I just didn’t give you what you wanted.

To continue reading and watch the full interview head over to Twana Tells.


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