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Note To Single Women: “Get A Hobby”


“Get a Hobby – A Note for Single Women” By: Dee Rene

I overheard a conversation (ok I listened on purpose) that a group of women were having. The conversation included such gems as “I can’t wait till I get a husband so I can go on a real vacation” and “I want to go to the concert but I don’t have a date and nobody will go with me”.

Single is not a curse, a death sentence, or a lifetime role. Now that we have the basics out of the way, being single DOES have the potential to drain the life out of you if you let it. As a single woman I can tell you one thing – get a hobby. Seriously. Hobbies are anything that allows you to explore your creative interest, grow a business, get out the house, or just be more active.

There’s a few reasons why this is important.

1.      Get a hobby …. because boring isn’t cute on anyone.

Imagine going out on a date with someone and the most interesting thing they’ve done that day is move from the bed to the couch in record time. You must have a life in order to be ready to build a life with someone else.

2.      Get a hobby … because you can’t meet anyone new in your apartment.

Social media aside, you really aren’t meeting anyone new in your apartment. Picking up a cooking class, a meetup.com group, or even entering an adult air hockey league are great ways to get you out of the house and meeting new people. And we all know the secret to ending your stint in single-dom is to meet someone new!

3.      Get a hobby… because you can’t keep waiting to live.

I know plenty of women that are waiting to go on vacations, attend events, or live in general until they have a significant man in their lives. You never know when the right time will be for your man to come along, are you sure you want to waste away in your 20s and 30s waiting to live? Take the vacation alone! Go to the concert! It’s an adventure and you can’t keep letting life pass you by waiting on love. (also see point 1)

  1. 4.      Get a hobby…because one day you won’t have time anymore.

A married friend of mine loves being married, but she misses all the time she had to just “do her” and explore her own interests. Instead of working out at midnight because you can or road tripping to Vegas on a whim, you must consider someone else’s needs and wants. You don’t lose yourself totally in a relationship but you do have to blend lives which means you can’t ‘do your own thing’ like you use to.

  1. 5.      Get a hobby…so you can be a whole person during and after that relationship.

Hobbies and exploring your own interests give you a front row seat to who you are. You learn about yourself and you learn to love yourself more. If you don’t have that, you may become the woman that loses herself in a relationship. And if that relationship ends (which it often does if someone doesn’t have a good sense of self) you’ll be stumbling around in heartbreak unable to pull yourself together because you never really knew yourself in the first place.

There you have it! No more sitting at home playing sad songs and drinking wine when all your friends are busy. You have a life you can live so get started! Get out there and get a hobby. I’ve found that when you get caught up doing what you love, you never know what kind of love you can attract into your life.

What about you ladies? Do you have any other suggestions why getting a hobby is a great thing for women?

–          Dee Rene





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