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Model Spotlight: Sir Lasse Larsen, Winner of “What Chilli Wants”


lasseHave you ever asked yourself, “What do I want?

What do I want? That’s what Lasse Larsen did – Gumbumper.com was able to catch up with model and business man Lasse Larsen. Lasse is best known for his appearance on VH1’s “What Chili Wants” as a top contender to win her heart and affection. And, we can see why.


But, how did he sweep the singer off her feet and what has he been up to since the show?

I flat-out asked him if this was a publicity stunt or did he want to meet someone and see if he could fall in love. Lasse was honest in saying “a production friend of mine called me one day, asking if I wanted to be on a reality show. At first I said NO!” But, then, his friend told him more about the show and once he realized it was Chili of TLC who he was going to meet, he couldn’t pass up such a unique opportunity. Immediately, he liked Chili and enjoyed meeting her, he says. The directors of the show saw a spark; however, they attempted to get him to say things and act in ways that did not feel natural to him. “The director would tell me to say one thing and I would just say what I wanted.” Once the directors realized this guy was going to do what he wanted, they eventually gave up and let Lasse be himself completely. He wanted to be genuine, respected, and…LASSE. Unfortunately, although there was a spark ignited, things just did not work out romantically between the two.


After the show, Lasse received lots of attention and was grateful for the opportunity and meet great people but he has since shifted gears to taken on a holistic lifestyle. He  “wanted to be known for something of value” he says.
For more on Lasse and his journey to help others both mentally and physically and some o his last minute tips, head over to Gumbumper.com.

Lasse’s Official Site




(Source/Photos: Gumbumper.com)



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  • monkeysuit

    Is it me or does she look unhappy?

  • Roberta

    He’s hot! Get it girl!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Chili is a nightmare. She’s an uptight control freak that no one could deal with. Basically she’s the black Bethenny Frankel.

    I’m glad to hear that Lasse was legit! :)

  • Letha8550

    lmaooo at Black Bethhenny Frankel !!!!!

  • Samantha McClush

    Yep. It was a publicity stunt.