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GG of Shahs of ‘Sunset Dishes’ On Reunion Show Drama


gg-of-shahs-of-sunsetThe feisty GG of “Shahs of Sunset” sure knows how to stir the pot when it comes to her co-stars so the reunion show could be no different, right?The reality show star talks to Poponthepop.com to discuss all things “Shahs of Sunset”, here’s what she had to say on the reunion and what we can expect from part two.

POTP: As far as the first part of the reunion, do you regret anything you said, anything that happened?
GG: No, I don’t regret anything. I don’t live with regret. If anything, I do wish I could have said a little more to that transvestite looking person [Asa].

POTP: Is part two of the reunion crazier than part one?
GG: Part two gets more personal with the insults and unfortunately Reza goes in and says some things like calling MJ’s mom a whore. I would rather be physical and attack everybody than ever call someone’s mother a whore. It gets really personal.

POTP: When you’re not on the show, are you calmer? Does filming bring out certain negative sides of you?
GG: I think this season a lot of the cast tried to step up their game to get more attention and there were fights with everyone. As you saw, I was not filming at all with the whole cast and they were fighting each other. It’s like, when they wanna bring it to me, I’m gonna bring it right back.

Continue over at Poponthepop for more on what GG had to say.

(Photo: POTP)


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