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KeKe Palmer Casted As Chilli In TLC Biopic, Actress Address Critics


KeKe Palmer was just announced as the actress to land the role of Lozanda “Chilli” Thomas in the upcoming biopic of 90’s R&B group, TLC.

The news wasn’t taken so well by many TLC fans. In fact, they were even more disgruntle when it was announced troubled rapstress Lil’ Mama had landed the role of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes a week prior.

While we did not hear a response from Lil’ Mama, about the backlash, KeKe Palmer isn’t taking the criticism all too well. Frankly, she isn’t here for all you naysayers. Here’s what Ms. Palmer had to say.

“People kill me, I don’t remember Angela Bassett looking ANYTHING like Tina Turner. And she RIPPED that role,” Palmer tweeted.

“People need to realize hat movies aren’t casted by people looking like who they’re playing. They’re casted by who can do the role.”

“I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see a movie that is well acted, then a movie with a bunch of look a like’s.”

“Cause Ben Affleck isn’t even Hispanic, but the man he played in Argo IS.”

“Okay, I just got snappy lol now I really need to get off this negativity warp. I spoke my mind! God is good!”

She then went on to say….”I shouldn’t play the part because my baby hair isn’t the perfect texture?…… Goodnight Twitter, goodnight.”

Ha! That last comment is hilarious!

Upon hearing KeKe Palmer had been casted, I was also one of the critics. Although, I wasn’t as disturbed when I discovered Lil’ Mama would play “Left Eye”. However, Palmer makes a great argument. Angela Basset as Tina Turner, well noted.

Hats off to you Ms. Palmer. Please do us proud.

Actress Keke Palmer, rapper Lil Mama and actress Drew Sidora. Sidora is best known for her role in Disney’s ‘That’s So Raven’ and 2006 film, “Step Up’. She also had small roles in several other hit television shows, including BET’s ‘The Game’.

(Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images)


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