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Brandi Glanville Will Never Forgive Eddie Cibrian’s Betrayal With Leann Rimes


They say forgive thy enemies, right? Not in the case of Brandi Glanville and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. After all, he had a public affair with country singer Leann Rimes, only to marry her a year later. Ouch! In fact, it’s one of the biggest cheating scandals and divorces in Hollywood.

Brandi even wrote about her ordeal in her newly released book, ‘Drinking & Tweeting & Other Brandi Blunders’. And, during a recent interview Brandi admits the chances of rekindling with Eddie if he wanted her is slim to none.

Head over to Hollywood Hiccups and find out all the details.

(Photo: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images)


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  • You can forgive but never forget. I think in order for her to heal proper and not be bitter she should forgive him…