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Bloodied Rihanna Attacked By Fan With Bottle In London


Rihanna was, reportedly, nearly attacked by bottle throwing fan while enjoying a night out in London. The singer left a London nightclub, Saturday night, with a bloodied knee after a heckler threw a bottle directed towards her.

The singer was outside the Box nightclub at 3 am after debuting her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week. The attacker, who was still not identified, began yelling at Rihanna for continuing her relationship with Chris Brown. He then threw a bottle towards Rihanna who fell against a metal gate and cut her knee. Rihanna’s bodyguard also injured his leg during the chaos and was taken to the hospital.

The singer is reported to be just fine and really that little cut isn’t that serious. I believe the real issue is the fact that she was attacked by a crazed person all because of her relationship choices. Why do people care who she is with? As long as she’s happy right?



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