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Chris Brown Gets Drake Denied Access To LA Nightclub Playhouse


Drake just lost another round. With Chris Brown that is. First it was Rihanna and now he’s can’t even get in to Playhouse nightclub. All because of Chris Brown that is.

Drake was denied access to the popular LA night because Chris Brown was already there. If you all remember Drake and Breezy’s bottle throwing fiasco in New York City’s WIP nightclub back in June, the promoters at Playhouse refused to take any chances.

According to TattleTailzz.com, “Drake and his crew was trying to get their party on and got “STRAIGHT” denied from entering into Playhouse nightclub. Sources say he was basically begging to get in, offering to spend more than Chris Brown. Drake and his crew made several attempts for about 30 minutes before finally leaving the night club.”

Really Drake, begging?

Get all the exclusive details when you head over to TattleTailzz.com.

(Photos: PacificCoastNews.com)


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  • They did the right thing by not letting Drake in. Ain’t nobody trying to be sued because of these two dummies.