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Keyshia Cole & Husband Daniel Gibson Address Rumors Their Marriage Is Over


Recently rumors surfaced that Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson are having problems in their marriage. Following Cole’s Twitter rant against Michelle Williams’ lackluster Super Bowl performance, she began releasing subliminal message via social media. Many wondered what could be going wrong in Keyshia’s personal life and marriage.

It’s no secret, Cole has a long and ongoing troubled relationship with her biological family since being adopted by the Cole family when she was a young child. Most recently, Keyshia has expressed her beef with sister Neffeteria “Neffie” Pugh.

Just days ago she sent this message via Instagram.

Her husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson also sent out subliminal messages on social networking site Twitter.

He was then responded to by a fan only to garner a response from Cole.

But it seems all may be well within the Cole-Gibson family (or they’ve made up). Here are some photos the couple released this morning. Here they are cuddled up sharing their Valentine’s love.

Happy VDay world!!!! ❤❤❤RT @BooBysWorld1: #Luv keyshiacole

Here they are again, this time, Boobie tweeted, “When Love is real! HappyVday from ya Favs @BoobyGang and myself! beautiful people! #Boss!! Don’t Believe Everything you Read.. #Luv @Keyshiacole”

He also tweeted this this morning…

The couple exchanged vows back in May 2011.

Although we wish Keyshia and Daniel the best here’s out conclusion. Keep your personal relationships and problems off social media. People would make less assumptions if they weren’t given the ammunition to do so.


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  • jeanine

    She is irritating me more and more…her hair is a damn mess as well. Lol

  • hardtimz

    First thing first, stop posting personal information about your relationship, and people won’t know what’s going on BETWEEN YOU TWO. BTW Jeanine I agree her hair is a real hot mess.

  • keshaun

    umm jeanine and hardimz yall need 2 shut the f**k up yall just hating cuz she doing her thang and yall aint doing nutting #letsbrealaboutit.