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Beyonce “Life Is But A Dream” HBO Documentary Film Premiere In New York City (Photos)


On Tuesday night Beyonce held her ‘Life Is But A Dream’ HBO documentary premiere at the Ziegfield theatre in New York City. Stars flocked to the event including Oprah herself. She was also joined by her husband, Jay Z, her sister Solange and mother Tina Knowles.

In the 90 minute documentary, directed and co-produced by Knowles, we get to see the side of the star she’s gone to great lengths to hide. The “real” Beyonce perhaps? But many want to know, why now?

“I felt that after 16 years of being a public singer, people didn’t know who I was,” she admitted. She then add, “I will always keep certain things to myself because it’s only natural.”

Beyonce reveals more about a miscarriage she suffered previously to having one year old daughter Blue Ivy and reflect on her pregnancy with her. We also see her as an everyday wife and mom just hanging out at home, for the first time. On her daughter she says, “I hope that she will see all of the beautiful times (and) all the tough times that led up to her being here… I’m hoping that … it can comfort her and inspire her in her life when she needs it.”

Although he was not in attendance Bey also discusses her relationship with her father and firing him as her manager.

“I really grew so much,” she says of the process. “This movie has really been my therapy. I’ve healed from so many wounds and I’ve been able to understand why some of the things I’ve been through, why I went through, so feel really proud, and hopefully I can inspire other people.”

She speaks on dedicating a portion of the film to her devoted fans. “I actually have a moment in the movie that’s dedicated to the fans…It’s so funny because, I don’t want to give it away, but I was down with the Bey Hive since I was a little girl — I just didn’t know it until I got into the edit and I said, ‘Oh my God! It’s so funny how everything in my life connects.”

“I hope they are proud, I hope they know they are a part of everything I do,” she added of her Hive.

When asked on the red carpet of what she thought about the film Oprah says, “What I thought was, ‘This is so empowering, so great!’ There’s a moment where she said she did this because she wanted to learn how to trust herself and how to be more honest and how to grow — well that’s what everybody’s trying to do.”

Could she have gotten the singer to reveal this much during their own interview? [Beyonce] did a “much better job” she adds. “I wouldn’t have been in the bedroom and in the closet and in the car and on vacation.”

“Life is But a Dream” airs Saturday, February 16th, on HBO. Beyonce will also be the featured guest on Oprah’s “Next Chapter on OWN this Saturday as well. Don’t miss it.

(Photos: Instagram/Larry Busacca/Getty Images)


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  • I absolutely cant wait to see it!!!

  • Wow would you look at that smoking hot dress. Sexy!

  • Two of my favorite ladies in whole wide world in one place. OMG I wish I was there I would have lost my mind…

  • DivaWhispers

    I ordered HBO yesterday just so I can record it..I’ll be at All Star :(

  • This shit is going to be good! I love that Beyonce’s opening up. Finally.

  • maurice

    she looks great

  • NicolaGossips

    I’m looking forward to seeing it, but I hope it isn’t her undoing.

  • Annemarie

    Is it just me who has had enough of Beyonce? She is everywhere lately!!

  • Roberta

    Can’t wait to see this one…looks like a good move for Bey to open up via a documentary.

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