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Three Must See Television Shows For The Avid Professional


“3 Must See TV Shows for the Avid Professional” By: Eric Halberg

Gain ideas and enjoy your relaxation time with reality TV shows for the avid professional. Learn an insiders perspective about entrepreneurship and wealth management by watching entertaining shows with a sense for business. The first must see show is Shark Tank, a two-time Emmy nominated series that airs during primetime on Fridays. Watch how other promising entrepreneurs present their ideas in a bid for corporate funding. Next watch Undercover Boss and unleash your desire to become the CEO of a multinational corporation with an inside look at how much CEOs don’t know. Finally, How I Made My Millions will inspire you to dream big with your next invention. All of these shows premiere on Friday during primetime on different networks so get your DVR ready to record all three TV episodes for the busy professional.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the number one must see show for an avid professional. This reality program features “Sharks,” who are actually a panel of potential investors who reflect on proposals from new entrepreneurs. These business executives and entrepreneurs judge the presentation, business initiative and feasibility of a budding entrepreneur’s proposal to fund their service or product. Each episode presents three to four different people’s proposals for business upstart capitol ranging from starting a new line of fashion jewelry to making gluten-free fudge on a larger scale. Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary are tigers who go for the jugular, make decisions and offer much-needed advice to new entrepreneurs. Watch Shark Tank on ABC during primetime on Fridays.

Undercover Boss

Every episode features a prominent large business owner or corporate executive going undercover in his or her own company to pose as an entry-level employee. The undercover executives alter their look, change their name and invent a fictional background to tell other employees. Because there is a camera crew following the exec around during the work, the crew tells employees that the exec is being filmed for a documentary about work in that specific industry. Another way execs hide their identity is to tell employees that he or she is in a competition with another person to gain employment with the company. Senior executives working undercover experience their own company’s inner workings and bond with low-income employees. They identify how to improve the company, reward hard-working employees and often distribute bonuses to star employees after learning how difficult the work really is. Watch Undercover Boss on CBS during primetime on Friday.

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