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If Rihanna Could Be Anyone Else In The World Who Would It Be? Plus Terry Richardson Out Takes (Photos)


It just isn’t enough to be one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world, with millions of adoring fans, twelve number one hits (or is it thirteen now?), travel around the world and be stinking rich! Not for Rihanna at least. Rih revealed recently who she’d change places with if she had the chance. When a fan asked her on Instagram, “Rihanna, If you could be someone else for one day… Who would you choose to be?”

Rihanna simply replied back, “Blue Ivy

And can you blame? Blue is perhaps the most famous and richest baby alive and we’re still wondering what she looks. Although we’ve seen glimpses of the baby girl! we just aren’t sure how little Blue has grown since being born last January.

Not only are her parents Beyonce and Jay Z , she’s trademarked! Didn’t you know? That means anything from baby strollers, music, shoes, pacifiers etc. named after her, she’s catching in. And, she can’t even walk or talk yet!

I ain’t even mad at Rihanna, I’d want to be Blue Ivy too.

Also Rihanna reveales her Terry Richardson uuttakes for her Rolling Stone photo shoot recently. Check them out below.

Here she is with the photographer himself.


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