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5 SuperBowl Survival Tips For Non-Football Fans


Unless you’ll be tuning in to the half-time show to watch Beyonce grace the stage, we get how the Superbowl madness may drive you crazy! But you’ve been invited to a Superbowl party and would rather go than stay home alone. Here are 5 Superbowl survival tips that may turn your frown around.

1) Don’t overdress: I know it’s tempting to wear your cutest outfit and tallest heels to the party because for once you are guaranteed that men will outnumber women. Be that as it may, wearing six inch heels to the sports bar or house party will only make you look awkward and out of place. Men are attracted to women that know there is a time and place for the glam and a time and place to be casual – cute. Keep it simple and wear flats!

2) No questions during a play: Yes, you want to show that you might be interested in the game (even if you aren’t), but recognize that no one wants to answer your questions about “who is that?” or “what are they doing now” when a play is about to start. Wait until commercials! When everyone else is staring intently at the screen that’s your cue to do the same.

3) Root for the underdog: It’s Super Bowl Sunday and if you don’t have a favorite team you have to cheer for somebody right! Rooting for the underdog (team less likely to win) can be entertaining and really exciting if they actually win. It’s a great way to get invested in the game, stay entertained, and maybe make friends with some other fans too! Just be honest about your bandwagon love for the team and don’t overdo it.

For points 4 and 5 continue reading over at TattleTailzz.com.

Author: Dee Rene

Website: Laugh.Cry.Cuss

Twitter: DeeRene_LCC


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  • Annemarie

    great tips, thanks so much. I don’t even know who is playing :-)