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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Sue A Dead Marilyn Monroe


Being broke isn’t any fun, we get it Lindsay but suing Marilyn Monroe? You’ve got to be kidding. The down and out actress is suing the late beauty icon over the 6126 collection trademark over leggins she says she designed that were sold by the clothing company.

We’re confused. Shouldn’t she be worried about making her court date?

According to CalvinBlanco.com, Lilo is to file a $1.1 million lawsuit through her attorney Perry Wander over the 6126 collection. The lawsuit is in regards of Lindsay’s claim that she designed leggings that were sold by the clothing company.

She claims she owns the 6126 trademark; which logically makes no sense because the figures represent Marilyn’s birthday (June 1, 1926). Lindsay seems to have a lot of work going on with court nowadays as she is faced the judge yesterday for her stupidity when she lied to the cops last year, claiming she didn’t drive the car that was severely damaged after she got into a car accident.

Continue reading for the full story over at CalvinBlanco.com for all the details.

(Photos: FameFlynet Pictures)


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  • Sarah

    You can’t make this shit up! I hate this chick so much. I don’t blog so many Lindsay stories. There are just too many!