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Exclusive Teaser of Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance


Okay you guys…three more days to go until Beyonce takes over the Superbowl. Yes! I said it. When we first heard of Beyonce gracing the half time stage, there has been sheer excitement and now that the countdown is getting closer to that date Beyonce is giving us a glimpse of her show. Posting this picture and then a video on her official Tumblr, Beyonce gives us a quick(42 seconds) glance at her rehearsals for the big show. I, an honorary stan, cannot wait to see Ms. Beyonce shut it down. To be honest, the half time show has not been this anticipated since Janet and her little “wardrobe malfunction.”  Will you be watching?

Check out the video of Beyonce during rehearsals below.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see Bey rip the stages of this year’s Super Bowl?

Images courtesy of iambeyonce.com


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