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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Spotted At Gym, First Signs A Baby Bump?!


A pregnant Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a gym in California on Tuesday afternoon. We’re guessing she’d like to avoid gaining lots of weight during her pregnancy. And although we tried very hard to spot one, there’s still no signs of a baby bump. Well, unless her sweater is perfectly positioned to hide one. Wait, should Kim be four months along now? It’s been a month since Kanye announced Kim was pregnant and she was already three months along. So, where’s the bump?!

Although exercising is no longer considered harmful to an unborn child it is advise to take it easy. Some fitness experts and doctors may even suggest Yoga as the fastest option. But Kim, seriously you’re not even showing and you’re already worried about gaining a few pounds. Just relax and enjoy it, it’s your first child!

(Photos: FameFlynet Pictures)


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