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Rick Ross Involved In Car Wreck Following Drive By Shooting


We’re not sure what’s going on with Rick Ross but someone’s certainly out to get him. The rapper was involved in a drive by shooting, early Monday morning, and crashed his car while trying to celebrate his 37th birthday.

The incident may be stemming from an altercation and threats received from Chicago gang Gangster Disciples. The same feud that might have caused him to cancel his North Carolina concert last month. Although the incident may be unrelated it seems highly suspicious.

According to the police report, while driving his Rolls Royce the Miami based rapper was the target of a drive by shooting and later crashed into an apartment building in the attempt to dodge the bullets!! In an attempt to escape the gunfire he lost control of the vehicle and ran into the wall of the apartment building next to the Floridian Restaurant.

Although the two passengers riding along were not hit by gunfire, according to police, the rapper did stagger from his car– along with a female companion after the attack. No one was injured.

Wow! Glad he wasn’t injured and no one died. This is just crazy. He may need to beef up security this is serious!

Head over to SpillDaBeanz.com to see photos of the wreckage.


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