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Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s Too Good For Reality Television, Turns Down $550,000!


Her acting career isn’t exactly taking off the way she’s like but guess what? Lindsay Lohan will not resort to reality TV to put life back into her faltering career.

The 26 year old actress turned down $550,000 she would have profited to do ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Yes, that’s right, the same Lindsay who needed help from Charlie Sheen to pay off her taxes owed to the IRS. You remember don’t you? The debt he paid as a favor to Lindsay and didn’t get a thank you, well, until he went on national television and told the tale. but, back to Lindsay.

And why did she turn down ‘DWTS’? Well, she doesn’t do reality television, she’s above all that. Not her exact words but you get the drift.

Earth to Lohan! You’re broke! No amount of pride can shake that.

We hope this poor child gets it together.

Source: The Great Monkey Suit

(Photo: Twitter)


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