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Shawty Lo Gets Arresed For Child Support After Reality Show Gets Cancelled!


Now isn’t this a bit of irony?!Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo got arrested on Friday for failure to make child support payments! The news comes just days after it was announced that his reality show “Me And All My Baby Mamas” wouldn’t see the light of day. Oxygen decided it wasn’t a show worth bringing to life after a boycott was started to ban it from the air waves.

What’s all the fuss? Shawty Lo has 11 children with 10 women and another child on the way by his1 1th victim. We suppose there’s a shortage in condoms since he clearly knows how not to use one. Talk about fertile!

On another note, should we be sorry for these women? Absolutely not! Clearly they’ve also made their bed. But we’re pulling for this show. Not only will it be entertaining. It’s clear he needs the money to take care of all 12 children.

Find out more about Shawty Lo’s arrest when you head over to Tattle Tailzz.


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