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Megan Fox Is Holier Than Thou Since Becoming A Mom, Compares Lindsay Lohan & Marilyn Monroe


Megan Fox may have just given birth to son Noah last September but she’s already turning over a new leaf. She’s made news as of lately for all her enlightenment and her Esquire interview was no different.

On her sexy image she says, “I felt powerless in that image. I didn’t feel powerful. It ate every other part of my personality, not for me but for how people saw me, because there was nothing else to see or know. That devalued me. Because I wasn’t anything. I was an image. I was a picture. I was a pose.”

On her admiration of Marilyn Monroe Fox sheds light on her reason for undergoing procedures to remove her Marilyn tattoo on her right arm. “I feel like I willed it be gone. They told me it was going to take six sessions and it’s nearly gone in one.”

“She wasn’t powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay. She was an actress who wasn’t reliable, who almost wasn’t insurable…. She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered. I’m not interested in following in those footsteps…I started reading about her and realized that her life was incredibly difficult. It’s like when you visualize something for your future. I didn’t want to visualize something so negative.”

“I can’t stand pills. I don’t like drinking. I don’t like feeling out of control,” she explains. “I have to feel like I’m in control of my body…”

Who inspires her now?

“Ava Gardner. She had power. She was a broad. She got what she wanted and said what she needed.”

For Megan full sit down interview and magazine spread head over to Esquire.com


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