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Are You Sexy After 30? How About 40? If Not, You Can Be…


Getting older can be a drag but you don’t have to look older too. Are you over 30 and Sexy? Are you over 40 and Fabulous? Diva Whispers recently sat down in a very open and candid interview with the beautiful founders of the movement “Sexy After 30.”

Sexy after 30 is a reality show. While keeping a national organization that deals with people over 30 adversities afloat; two beautiful ladies from different backgrounds deal with life, love, and adversities of their own. Founded in 2009 by partners KoCo Powell and Deshannon Michele Jackson, Sexy After 30 is a movement, global organization that motivates, uplifts and empowers men and women over 30 that have experienced, or are currently facing adversity. The organization has more than half million Facebook fans and counting from around the globe.

Deshannon Jackson, 41, is a product of an abusive 18 year marriage. She has daughters and tries to teach them not to follow in her footsteps. She also battle between living the life she wants of glamour, fame, and happiness though she battles with secrets and self confidence.

KoCo Powell, 39, is aggressive and sometimes known as an abrasive trying to keep her head above water. She once was homeless and is battling Stage 3 breast cancer. She fights to pay personal bills and help keep their dream organization afloat. Not knowing her own beauty, she runs from men, buries herself in work to hide from her own insecurities of her sexuality, all in the end wanting to find true love.

The ladies deal with promoters who don’t take them serious and who see them as old groupies because of their photos and their partying. They try to keep the models of the organizations motivated and dedicated while dealing with their pushing and pulling of their problems. They continue to do community service like feeding the homeless and talking to teen mothers. They continue to help ladies over 30 regain their power. They try their best to take the organization to new heights of global movement and make revenue off of t-shirt sales, jeans, photo shoots, and tours. They realize that this is something that has never been done and is harder than any adversity.

Check out their interview over at DivaWhispers.com and be sure to PURCHASE THE I AM SEXY AFTER 30! MAG/BOOK.


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