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Keyshia Cole Beefs With Sister Over New Book


Keyshia Cole ain’t here for her leeching sister Neffe (her words not mine). In fact, the singer went on a Twitter rant after discovering her sister had some not so nice things to say in her new book “Price I Paid.” And….Neffe is wearing the shoes Keyshia gave her on the cover of her book! Can you say wow! How do you wear an item given to you by the person you’ve written negatively about on the cover of the book? Now, that’s bold!

It’s no secret her and Neffeteria Pugh, her sister from birth mom Frankie Lyon, had a falling out a few years back. The fall out resulted in Keyshia’s then reality show ‘The Way It Is’ being cancelled and Neffe and momma Frankie teaming up for their own show, ‘Frankie & Neffe’. The show, not approved by Keyshia, did air for a season but was subsequently cancelled as well. The sisters haven’t been the same since. I sure hope they can work this out.

For more of Keyshia’s Twitter rant and disapprovement head over to Yazmar.com


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