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Destiny’s Child is Back! 8 Years Later & Now New Music From DC3


Okay fans, Destiny’s Child is back with new music. Well, sort off. On her official website Beyonce wrote: “I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years!” Beyonce is referring to the compilation CD that the group is putting out entitled, “Love Songs,” which will debut on January 29th. Now, technically, this is not new music. The tracklist is as follows:

1) Cater 2 U
2) Killing Time
3) Second Nature
4) Heaven
5) Now That She’s Gone
6) Brown Eyes
7) If
8.) Emotions
9) If You Leave (featuring Next)
10) T­-Shirt
11) Temptation
12) Say My Name (Timbaland remix)
13) Love
14) Nuclear

The only new song on the CD is the last one, “Nuclear,” which was co written by Pharrell, Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy, and Lonny Bereal. I love Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, but this is not new music. I have these songs on Spotify so I personally will not be buying this album. But I will say I would love to see the trio together, on stage, again. Slated to come out just 4 days before the Superbowl, many are wondering if there will be a DC3 reunion at the halftime show. What do you think?

(Photo: Beyonce.com)

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